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Exclusively for new members only, we are offering our most comprehensive and hands on online course, including a One on One coaching call, The Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive package now for €197.

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The Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive course includes 5 research based modules and 4 bonuses giving you lifelong tools to master both your professional and private life to thrive uncompromised and enjoy the ride!

The emotional intelligence deep dive course will help you…tackle your most pressing issues, whether they are private or professional! Whatever it is you are struggling with, if it’s…

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Emotional intelligence skills can and should be every woman’s SUPERPOWER and used exactly where each one of us need that extra push to overcome any obstacles, no matter how big or small.

Take the upper hand in your career life. Emotional intelligence skills make the biggest difference, I promise you.

Be the parent you’ve always wanted to be and see your kids become natural emotional intelligence advocates by following your lead.

It’s that simple, it really is.

As scientific research has proven – all you need are the right emotional intelligence skills to take the reins on all fronts of life and we have the exact tools for you to do just that!

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What's Included?

Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive
Five modules & four bonuses


How do we trick our brain into being the source of positivity? What are the connections between our emotions, self-talk and performance? In this module we will roll up our sleeves and tackle the 5 key steps of Emotional Intelligence to boost your performance as self-management is a skill that will boost your positivity.


A Deep Dive into Emotional Intelligence and identifying the clear and easy to follow steps to becoming the Master of your emotions and understanding how emotions work as a trigger for your brain and why every conscious decision has feelings involved.


Getting familiar with the 6 steps of acknowledgement and awareness with hands on self-awareness exercises to tie your new knowledge to your everyday habits and routines. What happens when you ignore your feelings?


Book your one on one coaching call to assess where you are now and where you aim to be in the next six months. We will prepare your personal Emotional Intelligence skill set strategy for achieving your most ambitious goals.


We will take your Emotional Intelligence skills up a notch and where relationships, family, colleagues, being the manager or leader will come in. Using a very simple technique to be on top of your game and becoming that influencer and person who makes changes happen.


This module is about using a visualization tool used by Olympic athletes and high achievers in the corporate world. It`s a technique that has been used for decades in achieving your true goals. On completion of this module you will master this visualization technique and you can use it time and time again.


Discover how writing can become your biggest asset in your steps to becoming more Emotionally Intelligent. Daily journaling exercises planned ready to use and one instruction recording.


Learn how music can be used as an Emotional Intelligence tool and how to receive the maximum benefits from an exercise instruction recording.


Learn a new form of Emotionally Intelligent Mindfulness without having to sit in a “yoga pose” for hours. Consisting of three printable exercises that can also be viewed as video recordings.


$590 $77

TOTAL VALUE = $590 / SAVE $513

  • Beliefs vs Facts (Value $77)
  • Emotions in Decision Making (Value $97)
  • Acknowledgment & Awareness (Value $67)
  • ONE ON ONE 30min COACHING CALL (Value $74)
  • Resilience and Relationship Management (Value $67)
  • BONUS 1: Emotions & Visualization Technique (Value $97)
  • BONUS 2: Emotions & Writing (Value $75)
  • BONUS 3: Emotions & Music (Value $75)
  • BONUS 4: Emotions and Mindfulness (Value $75)


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Frequent Questions

What if I'm not tech savvy?
Don't worry, we're here to help you. You will get a direct link to the learning platform with step by step instructions on what to do next. We can also be contacted, and we will do our best to help you along.
What if I don´t have 10 minutes daily?
The Emotional Intelligence Habit Tracked includes 4 online modules where we will dive into Emotional Intelligence and how our emotions and brains function together and through the exercises and information you`ll be learning in the modules you will learn how to prioritize things so that anyone will be able to find 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to better understand our Emotional Intelligence and where it can take us.
Is there an online Membership I could join?
Yes, we have an online community of like minded women who are interested in Emotional Intelligence, where we also have online sessions about pressing issues and new research in the Emotional Intelligence field. Online members also receive access to online modules as well as livestreams held for members and any guest speakers we have lined up.
What if I need help from a professional?
We are professionals in our field and we are here for you. Send us an email and we can talk about what we have to offer and what it is you need our assistance with and I`m sure we can find the best scenario to meet your needs.
What if I just can't do it on my own?
As a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Coach, we have the resources and one on one help you might need. We have an online community of like minded people where you can share and learn from each other, but we can also provide you with one on one coaching services if that would better help you forward.
When do I get access to the online material?
After you have clicked through your details into our system you will receive an email with a link to access your material. It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.
What if I just need more practice?
We are here to help you and we have exercises and new modules being designed all the time. Let us know where you need practice and we will help you. If not one on one, we are able to also run group coaching sessions.
What if I decide this isn't for me?
Unfortunately, because we´ve done the work ourselves and know the power of Emotional Intelligence we do not have a refund policy at this time. If you take the time, put in the work and take the small steps recommended, anyone is capable of becoming more Emotionally Intelligent and improving their resilience. For that reason alone, we will not be able to refund any purchases.

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