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Our story is classy
simple and fruitful.

Social networks are a powerful tool, since we managed to find each other on LinkedIn and found a shared passion for Emotional Intelligence.

Both experts in our own fields at first, we collaborated learning from each other Helinä on Emotional Intelligence, while Irina concentrated mostly on HR and psychology. Coaching was, probably, the one thing we had in common – and both passionate about.

Still, we have found one strong point that made us think of cooperation – our strong belief in that human potential is way more than we see nowadays.

So, we have just decided to make our different backgrounds from personal and professional angles our strengths and become partners.
This is how live streams started to appear on Facebook and LinkedIn. We shared thoughts on employee wellbeing, emotional state, as-of-today topics (such as pandemic). Then we moved forward to courses development for one platform.

It is always necessary to open up for new connections, be ready to share your knowledge and use the opportunities that are there.

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