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Certified EI Practitioner
and RRT Therapist

Hi, I’m Helinä. I’m a Cetified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Rapid Transformation Therapist and my job is to help you build the life you’ve always envisioned of living. With EI skills your decision making will excel as will your relationships all round having long lasting affects and positive results.

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HR Professional & Coach

Hi, my name is Irina. As an HR professional and Coach, I focus on helping individuals to become more self-aware of their own life, certain in goal setting and proactive when it comes to improving life the way they want, free of stereotypes and frames. I do not provide universal options workable for everyone – I make sure you will get results out of boosting your own potential with self-coaching techniques and an expanded worldview based on the things I add to my sessions, training and courses.
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Emotional Intelligence fuels performance and success in all areas of our lives. The ability to understand, use and manage our emotions enables us to understand emotions also in others to help us build stronger relationships and make better personal decisions to achieve positive results. Confidence, ability to empathise, social and communication skills, self-control, resilience and conflict management are all strongly connected to your Emotional Intelligence skills.
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